• Unlimited number of pieces of equipment
  • Different screens for on-road and off-road vehicles
  • Tracks multiple serial numbers, and allows for comments
  • Reports include inspection and license due
  • Ability to categorize equipment into major groupings
  • Multiple billing by each piece of equipment plus “step rate” by the hour, day, week or month
  • Revenue and cost summary and detail by each piece of equipment- month to date, year to date, and life to date.
  • Stores maintenance history and scheduled of maintenance on equipment and components by hours, miles, and date.  
  • Ability to create invoices for equipment charges (rentals) to external groups, organization or companies.
  • Ability to review reports on the display 

Vehicle and Equipment Management

The Vehicle & Equipment Module will put a solid cost history at your disposal. Every part purchased and every hour of mechanic time can be charged to an individual piece of equipment with ease. With the Bluegrass dispatch portion of the system you will have up to the minute information as to location of any piece of equipment you own. You will also have historic information on where the equipment has been. History can be saved and retrieved for any time period. Before sending a mechanic out to the field you can find out what other machines are on the job and what needs to be done on those machines.

This system tracks this important information allowing you to compare hours used versus consumption to spot potential problem areas before they happen.

When you have several types of equipment, all of which have a different manufacturer recommended maintenance schedule, tight control of PM can get challenging. The Bluegrass System allows you to establish a different list of requirements for each piece of equipment and will print the work order listing each requirement when due. A computerized PM program should result in a 10% savings in PM cost.

The Bluegrass System gives you the information to make an intelligent decision instead of an emotional one. Reports showing revenue generated versus repair cost over any period will point out equipment costing you money. You will be able to say “Brand A may cost us 5% more to purchase, but it cost us 10% less in maintenance.

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Bluegrass Software Solutions

Interfaces to:  General Ledger, Job Cost, Accounts Payable, Inventory, and Payroll

Vehicle & Equipment can be added to any of the Solution Packages at an additional cost.


  • Equipment / components lists
  • Maintenance scheduling by units, dates, or both.
  • Profit and Loss report on each piece of equipment
  • Operating cost report by each piece of equipment
  • Equipment location report
  • Equipment utilization report
  • Equipment history report by repair history, job costing billing, customer billingand cost transactions.
  • Fuel / oil usage report
  • Allows import from fuel tracking system
  • Tracks miles / meters per gallon
  • Optional asset maintenance module tracks depreciation for any asset

Now you can track your valuable assets at a glance from any browser. Bluegrass Technology is proud to announce the integration of Bluegrass Solutions and Silent Passenger  by Vehicle Tracking Solutions which is a Microsoft Virtual Earth-based Fleet Management System.

You are dealing with a fixed asset that can soak you dry. Your equipment is the baseline for your profitability, but if you are like a large number of contractors, you are only keeping track of equipment cost as a lump item in your accounting system. If this describes your situation and the reason is that it’s such a hassle to manage your equipment, the BLUEGRASS EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE CONTROL SYSTEM is your answer.​​