• Change requests such as revisions to drawings, supplemental instructions, and proposal requests are quick and easy to enter.
  • Standard & User-defined
  • set up on a company-wide and/or project-by-project basis.
  • Elements such as requests for information (RFIs), submittals, change requests, and CPM are visible to all authorized users.
  • Project Managers will have complete project details to assist in decision-making
  • From RFIs and submittals, to proposed and approved change requests, to executed change orders, Project Manager helps you invoice promptly and accurately for changes on a job. 
  • A database of documents used by project managers to communicate with customers, suppliers, subcontractors and colleagues.
  • Know the status of every RFI, submittal, change request, and change order, from beginning to end
  • Direct links to existing Bluegrass functions such as Purchase Orders, Change Orders and Sub-Contracts. 

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The Critical Path represents the sequence of tasks or events that directly effect the completion and the cash flow of a project. Knowing the Critical Path allows the project manager to shorten or at least control a project's schedule by focusing on those tasks which directly affect the project's completion and your cash flow.

The Project Manager module is already included in the Bluegrass Premier and Bluegrass Contractor Packages, but can be added to the Bluegrass Essentials or Bluegrass Select Packages at an additional cost.

Project Management

The Project Management module was designed at the request of a number of our users, to provide quick and easy access to all Bluegrass information a project manager needs. In addition to providing access to Bluegrass Job cost and purchasing information, the Project Management module provides project management tools like Printing and storing Transmittals, Faxes, Punch list, meeting minutes, pictures and other documents. The advantage of using the Project Management module instead of a word processor to send faxes, etc is that these documents are automatically tied to the project and accessible immediately. 

Project Manager provides a fully integrated process for managing project workflow by tracking all items that must be fulfilled under a contract, plus anything else that must be tracked during the project.

Project Managers are able to work more effectively with all members of the project and stay on top of the many details required. At the same time, senior Management is able to access the status of any project quickly and easily.

Just think …….You get a call about a project, and everything about the project is just a click away. No rooting through files, which may not be where they should be, no looking through stacks files your desk, just click on the appropriate button.

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