If you were in the passenger seat of every vehicle every moment of the day, how much more efficient would your fleet operate?

The real-time vehicle tracking and historical reporting solutions offered by vts allow you to be a silent passenger in all your vehicles, ensuring your clients the highest level of service.

Silent Passenger is a cutting-edge fleet management program that makes it easy to effectively and efficiently monitor your vehicles. Silent Passenger integrates detailed, up-to-date maps from microsoft virtual earth with real-time traffic information and turn-by-turn directions.

Because Silent Passenger is a web-based solution, you have the convenience and mobility of working from any computer, anywhere. No software to install, no restrictions to worry about.

When you need information right away, you can use their text notification system. Have text alerts sent to your cell phone when a driver starts his day, exceeds speed limits, enters an unauthorized area or for vehicle use during off hours.

With Silent Passenger's automatic email reports, you never have to take the time to run a report again. Choose any of their fully customizable reports to be emailed to you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can choose to have all the information you need delivered straight to your inbox!

An easy-to-use reporting system makes it simple to track your fleet on your own time. Generate fully customizable reports based on your informational needs and access them at your convenience.


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TRA-SER® Premier
Trusted Provider of Quality Product and Price Information

TRA-SER® Premier is the industry's leading electronic material pricing catalog, used by thousands of electrical, plumbing, and mechanical contractors.  Bluegrass Technology has written an effective link to TRA-SER Premier, giving all Bluegrass clients the opportunity to automatically keep their material pricing database accurate and up-to-date.

Trade Service is the leading provider of content management solutions, encompassing all aspects of content acquisition, aggregation, management, publishing, and distribution. Over the last 77 years, we've earned the trust of a wide array of industries, providing over 18,000 distributors, dealers, contractors, government agencies, and "buy side" Fortune 1000 subscribers a variety of products, services, and systems to meet their content needs.

These solutions facilitate the flow of mission-critical price and product information throughout the supply chain, which include industry standard printed directories, electronic catalogs, pricing data for business system updating, and robust attributed content to fuel full-functioning Internet storefronts.

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* Remote Access (Work from Anywhere) – With Bluegrass Cloud, as long as the user has access to the internet, you can access all of your files and programs that you need to work from anywhere. Regardless if your need to access your files from one of your many locations or simply want to stay connected while out of town; you now have the ability to do so - quickly and securely! This is an “enterprise level” hosting service provided through a strategic partnership with Virtual Office System (VOS™).

* Device Options– With Bluegrass Cloud, you can run all of your applications from any device you want. Our solution will allow access to the system from a PC, laptop, Windows Tablet, Windows Phone, iMac, Mac Book Pro, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android Tablet and even an Android.

* Disaster Recovery – VOS™ instantly gives your company an enhanced Disaster Recovery Solution for your technology. Due to the fact that your information is no longer stored on the computer’s hard drive, none of your data is lost should something happen to that device. That means, regardless of if there were a fire, flood or you were a victim of theft, none of your data is lost and you can simply move to the next location that has internet access and you are securely up and running again.

* Support – VOS™ instantly gives you 24/7/365 access to our team of certified engineers which are 100% US Based and English speaking. It’s like gaining an IT department!

* Backups – With Bluegrass Cloud, your data is stored on up to four different systems in at least two different datacenters. Your data is on VOS™ production servers, which is the system you access to work from. It is then replicated in real time to a second bank of servers that resides in the same datacenter. We then replicate everything to another bank of servers in a second datacenter and then copy everything to an encrypted tape at the end of each day and securely store them in our off-site facility.

* Security (Digital) – With Bluegrass Cloud, you get a system that is monitored 24/7/365 and has dual layer 128-bit encryption. You also get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that none of your data is being stored on your local computers and that no data is ever transferred through the internet. When you connect to our system, you’re actually making a direct connection to our servers located in the datacenter where everything is stored. When you work, the only thing that is actually passed through the internet is keystrokes and mouse clicks. Your work never leaves the server that they are connected to.

* Security (Physical) – At VOS™, we use Tier IV Datacenters that are HIPAA, PCI-DSS and IRS 1075 compliant. Our datacenters are purpose built facilities that are designed to keep digital assets secure and available similarly to the way that banks keep your financial assets secure and available. In fact, there are banks and government entities that have space in our datacenters where your data will be stored.

Intrinsic Benefits

* No More Servers – With Bluegrass Cloud, you will never need to purchase another server for your applications! That means: no more large capital expenditures every 4-5 years, instant reduction in support costs without server maintenance, no more down time due to server upgrades and they get to utilize the latest in server technology without having to pay extra each time we upgrade the system.

* Predictable Annual Cost– With Bluegrass Cloud, you know exactly what your technology costs are. This gives you the ability to accurately forecast future growth or expansion into other markets.

* Reduced Computer Cost– With VOS™, you get to use your PC’s longer because they no longer carry the burden of running their applications. Also, when it no longer makes sense to fix your PC’s, you can replace them with consumer grade machines at a fraction of the cost.

* Standardization – With VOS™, you have the option of also using Microsoft Office on the Cloud (extra charges apply). Everyone will be on the same version and you will get the latest version of Microsoft Office at no additional charge as long as you utilize our services.

* Experience – With over a decade of experience providing hosted services, our teams of engineers have the background and proven track record to provide your client’s with a technology solution that fits their needs now and well into the future. Our goal is to provide them with a sound and secure data network, coupled with our preventative maintenance, will reduce the risk of critical failures and give you the ability to effectively do your work from any location. We provide companies with the professional services they require without the fees that typically accompany them, thus allowing you to do more with less.

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