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Bluegrass iNet Services can be added to any of the Solution Packages at an additional cost.

iNet  Services

Bluegrass iNet Service, an application designed to provide your customers with on-line work requests and access to their active work orders and work history records. This provides you with a true competitive advantage when dealing with commercial, industrial and property management companies by helping you solve their more demanding service and related information requirements. 

This internet-based module integrates directly with our Dispatching and provides multiple levels of security.  You control which customers have access to the service, the level of details they see and whether or not history is available to the company and or individual users. You have the option of allowing customers to setup their own users or maintain absolute control over access. In either case, users only have access to information related to their companies and each users session is logged.

Transfer of data between the databases is also under your complete control – you determine how often new requests are downloaded, work orders uploaded and when the daily maintenance should occur. If errors occur during normal operation or during a transfer of data, the problem is logged and an email alert is sent to you and we can be copied, as well.

For those of you with technical interests, the site has been developed using ASP. net, and SQL-Server as its database.

We have created a package that includes the Webmaster and Bluegrass applications, website setup and training and 12 months support. If you already have a company website, there are additional issues that normally must be addressed to handle this type of web application. If you don’t have a company website, we can provide help in that area, in addition to creating the Webmaster site.


  • Multiple levels of security, insuring that your customers’ information is safe
    •  Username/Password setup including multiple levels of access to data
  • Web data is managed by an SQL database for each installation
    • Access to your Bluegrass data files is under your control
  • A System Administrator (that’s you, with support from us) function that provides access to all web data. It also allows you to control whether you want to include history to individual customers and users. You also have the option of creating your own message headings for use in on-line and email alerts and acknowledgements.
  •  A Customer Administrator function that provides your customers with the ability to setup and maintain their own group of users. Users are given various levels of access to information: Full, Add/Edit, View-only, No-notes, No-History, even if you’ve given the customer access to history.
  •  An entry page requiring a minimum of input to create new work requests. These Web-initiated Work Requests (WWRs) can be reviewed and changed up until the point they are transferred to Bluegrass.
  • Transfer of WWRs is handled automatically and can be done as often as required.
  • WWRs will be managed thru a new Bluegrass function, allowing your service department to review the requests before turning them into work orders. This provides the same control over these work requests that you would have if you entered them directly into Bluegrass.
  • An upload function, also timed as you require, transfers work orders to the web, where they are linked to the WWR. An email acknowledgement can be sent to the person who originated the request.
  • Customers will also be able to see current open work orders and work order history without any financial details.

Some of the benefits this tool will provide to you and your customers are:

  • The inclusion of an exciting and proven technology into your company’s information management system and marketing efforts.
  • Your customers will have direct access to their work orders and history in limited detail providing them with a greater sense of control, without compromising the integrity of your service department.
  • You’ll have an alternative to booking work during periods of heavy demand for your services. Your customers have the satisfaction of knowing the work order has been entered, and your service people can review WWRs to decide priorities and callback order.

What is involved and how much does it cost?
Browser – since this is a web-based product, there are no requirements for local installation of anything other than a web browser, and that should be Microsoft IE 5.1 or higher. Other browsers are not supported.

Bluegrass Software – there will be an additional module to install on your server that controls the interface between the web-based SQL and your files.

Web Site – if you already have a web server or service provider that will support multiple addresses (URLs) you can make use of that resource. We can refer a hosting site company, payable directly to the hosting company. In any case, we will setup and test the site for you. If you use your own resources, the site must offer and support the following Microsoft products: SQL Server 2000 or higher, the .Net Framework v1.1 and ASP. Net.  In addition, they must allow direct, open access to their email servers without requiring Authentication. We strongly recommend you take advantage of our hosting service – we’ve already worked-out the bugs with them.
Web Access – you will need to have broadband web access (DSL, cable modem or bi-directional satellite) to handle the data transfer requirements. A dial-up connection will not provide the speed required. Your customers will only need a dial-up connection.

Webmaster. This includes reviewing your current database for potential problems. Training will focus on Username/Password maintenance and work order entry activities. It is expected that you will be able to provide training to your customers very quickly.

Entry-level pricing for web hosting should be sufficient for many users, with upgrade paths priced according to on-going usage.

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