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Field Service Management

Bluegrass Software Solutions

Everyone Benefits!

  • Field workers are more productive.
  • Customers are serviced faster and more efficiently.
  • More billable service calls.· Real time order placement.
  • Faster invoicing.
  • Reduce time to invoice from days to hours.
  • Reduce or eliminate duplicate data entry.
  • Improve response times to customer Service Level Agreements.
  • Reduce collection issues through accurate invoicing.
  • Eliminate missed revenue by efficiently recording all service and/or sales data in the field.
  • Increase billable work time per day.


  • A complete Work Order including directions to Job Site - cuts down on phone calls and saves the Technician from writing things down.
  •  Interface to state of the art main office software, including dispatch boards with drop and drag technology.
  •  Print professional Invoices or Work Order right from the truck.
  •  Signature capture.
  •  Multiple Work Orders may be stored in each Palm.
  •  On the fly Work Orders for after hours service calls.
  •  History of previous calls - you decide how much - studies have shown that knowing about previous calls increases productivity.
  • Part List with a flat rate - or cost created automatically from inventory file.
  •  Time captured for invoice and payroll - Start - stop, real time rounded according to your preference, Completed Work Order returns information ready for billing.
  • Restocking report by the time the Technician returns to shop.
  • Labor and rate mark-up by table customer.

Bluegrass Field Service Management System  is a smart, cost-effective way for small and medium sized organizations to leverage the latest mobile and wireless technology to enhance their field operations.

Allows a technician in the field to access customer information, history, inventory, work orders, signature capture, barcode scanning, invoicing and includes directions to job sites.  Gives the technician the ability to print professional invoices or work orders directly from the truck.  Time captured for invoice, payroll and creates purchase orders. Gives restocking report and labor & rate mark up table per customer.  Seamless integration to back office Bluegrass Software Solutions.

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