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The Estimating module is already included in the Bluegrass Premier Packages, but can be added to the Bluegrass Essentials, Bluegrass Select, or Bluegrass Contractor Packages at an additional cost.


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Bluegrass provides a simple, straightforward Estimating system that allows you to enter quantities on the screen from your take-off sheets.  Many of our users that have more sophisticated take off -systems use our estimating module for quick estimates and residential new construction.

The Estimating system supports assemblies. This allows you to create a detail material list with one entry. However, you can modify assemblies on the fly; change the quantity of an item or add/delete the item completely.

The Estimating module interfaces to proposals so that all estimates and proposals can be tracked.  For awarded jobs the estimating module automatically creates a work order, sets up the job with Budgets and can create Purchase Order or Inventory requisition.

The features include:

  • Supports assemblies to speed takeoff.
  • Integrates fully with all Bluegrass modules including proposals.
  • Maintains a Bid To file.
  • Sets up the job with budgets for awarded jobs.
  • Creates Work Orders for future scheduling.
  • Creates purchase orders for awarded jobs.
  • Creates Inventory Requisitions for awarded jobs if material is in stock.
  • Allows for seven cost and mark-up options.
  • Open proposals tracked by project number and letting date.
  • Access similar historical jobs, during the estimate process.
  • A bid history is accessible from within the estimate process to provide history by job or item.
  • Prior cost history by item is available by hot key. 
  • Items such as tax, bonds, assemblies are supported and may be modified on the fly. 
  • Overhead & profit etc. are standard on all estimates.
  • A table is available which is used to maintain miscellaneous items as well as the default  percentage.
  • Prints Proposals
  • Allows recalculation of material and labor based on current information even months after take off entry.
  • Multiple labor rates.
  • Often options will be required or revisions will be made to the estimate. We track both the original and revised estimates.
  • Multiple versions of an estimate may be maintained with and without the various options or changes.
  • Uses material cost as of your last purchase, but allows manual over ride.
  • Links to Trade Service.
  • Selects from two fields for labor units.
  • Provides view of each take-off in detail including add-on cost and mark-up.
  • Allows adds or deducts to alternates.
  • Transfers accepted bids to Job Cost Management and Service Management.
  • Allows change orders to accepted bids.
  • Creates a customer file for future billings.
  • Generates purchase orders and inventory requisitions automatically.
  • Interfaces to word processing or the Bluegrass proposal module for printing of your proposal.

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