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Counter Sales/Order Entry can be added to any of the Solution Packages at an additional cost.

Counter Sales / Order Entry

  • Interfaces to Bar Code Scanners.
  • Interfaces to Cash Drawer.
  • Quote to Order.
  • Included Register Checkout.
  • Prints Receipts/ Invoices / Picking Ticket / Price lists.
  • Includes features for businesses that work with  contractors.
  • Inventory Control.
  • Order Status Inquiry Screen until order is shipped.
  • Maintains order history after shipment.
  • Job name within customer's account.
  • Drop shipments.
  • Substitute Item for out of stock situations.
  • Credit Memos (with ability to return item to inventory).
  • Single keystroke item search with item detail.
  • Handles broken-case ordering.
  • Sales Tax control at item level.
  • Calculates salesmen commissions.
  • Automatically updates accounts receivable.
  • Interfaces with Order Entry, Inventory and A/R.
  • Turn Quote into Invoice with single keystroke.
  • Maintain Quotations for customer's prior to ordering.
  • Calculate price for customer by item's mark-up code.
  • Single keystroke for a generic customer search.
  • Full back-order retention with full back-order history.
  • Kit Inventory.
  • Fast access to customer information, previous orders, and inventory.
  • After order or invoice, inventory and customer records updated automatically.
  • Screen display of "Quantities Available" & "Quantities On Order" for all locations.
  • Account balance and & credit limits displayed on screen for quick credit checks.
  • Single key entry can create a quotation to retain on the system for future reference, can produce an order to be billed at a later date, or create an invoice to hand deliver to customer.

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