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"Our Company has been loyal Bluegrass users since 2003.  We are a small (35 employees) plumbing and HVAC company that began business in 1952.  Bluegrass is by far the best software that we have ever used.  It is a fully-integrated system – from the time we take the call from the customer, to dispatching, estimating, payroll, billing, accounts payable and cash receipts – the flow of work is seamless and the software is easy to navigate.  The staff at Bluegrass have become an important part of our Company’s team.  Whether it be troubleshooting an issue or finding a better way to do things, we can always count on them to be there for us.

In short, we would not be able to operate as efficiently as we do without Bluegrass Technology.  I highly recommend them!!"

Mark Denney

J.F. Denney

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"Bluegrass has helped our business tremendously grow. The software works very well for the HVAC Business, and we are very impressed to how stout the programs are. We are specifically impressed how it flows through our entire business operations, from sales in a prospect, to customer, to a work order, project management, service contracts, dispatching, billing, and of course all of the accounting features.  To this day, I am not aware of a better program to use for our business."

Scott Tripp

Mechanical Systems Technology, Inc

(800) 784-9669

The majority of our new customers are making use of both the Service and Job Cost management systems in a network environment.  Many customers have also implemented many of our Wireless Solutions.  However, the software is designed to be almost 100% modular and some of our customers start out with a single-user configuration.  Because Bluegrass Software Solutions can be set up much how your are structured and accustomed to doing business, we are able to address the needs of many different industry groups.

Bluegrass Software Solutions can, and is, helping various types of contractors manage their businesses. While this list is not complete, it does represent the majority of companies who makeup our customer base.   We have current Bluegrass users in states all over the US as well as a wide range of users in Canada and Bermuda. 

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“Never before have we seen such speed in processing.  Our computers are of the latest technology and Bluegrass operates with impressive speed.  Windows based is fantastic!  We requested enhancements be made to the software.  We needed a system that would allow sales tax to be calculated on items transferred out of stock to a job and the ability to have a detailed job cost to date feature.  We asked for these enhancements and they delivered.  The Customer support response is great!  Ability to enter payroll hours from the Dispatch board which are then later available to process payroll - No Need for Double Entry is Awesome!  General Ledger numbers for cost of goods sold and job cost reporting match, which is great.
 Ability to view print jobs to the screen is awesome.”

Ken Fritze 
KF Mechanical