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Add-0n Solutions

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Counter Sales/Order Entry
Provides an Order Entry module used to create walk-in invoices.  Bar coding, cash drawer, prints invoices, receipts, picking tickets; keeps inventory and so much more. Check out the features and benefits to using this module for your business.

Electronic Timekeeper
This module enables the technician in the field to enter time, via i-phones, Blackberry or other similar web-enabled devices, over the Web.

Electronic Timekeeper Plus
This module enables the technician in the field to enter time, via i-phones, Blackberry or other similar web-enabled devices, over the Web.  Features include the entry of:  crew hours, change orders, equipment hours, production, miscellaneous job expense, create material requisitions and receive purchase orders

This module provides a complete, comprehensive manner of compiling estimates. It interfaces to the same cost database as purchasing so that no extra updating is necessary to maintain accurate cost information. Estimating ties to proposals for printing and tracking success ratio. It automatically sets up job and budgets for awarded bids. The Estimating module creates purchase orders and stock transfers for material needed.

Executive Summary

The screen will give a financial picture of the company at a glance showing information such as Cash in Bank, Credit Line, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and committed cost.

Field Project Manager

The Field Project Manager is the newest mobile app to be released by Bluegrass.  This add-on easily allows the Project Manager to create or edit change orders and proposals from the job site using most mobile devices.  Can also check for item pricing and will be able to look up most info that is included in the Project Manger module. 

Field Service Management

The field technician has complete access to work orders, with signature capture, and includes directions to job sites.  It gives the technician the ability to print professional invoices or work orders directly from the truck.  Time captured for invoice, payroll and it creates purchase orders. Also it gives restocking report and labor & rate mark up table per customer. It interfaces to the Bluegrass dispatch board.  * Special Rates apply for over Ten (10) or more User-Licenses. * Airtime and Hardware not included.

iNet services
New internet application designed to provide your customers with on-line work requests and access to their active work orders and work history records. This provides you with a true competitive advantage when dealing with commercial, industrial and property management companies by helping you solve their more demanding service and related information requirements.   This internet-based module integrates directly with our Dispatching and provides multiple levels of security.  You control which customers have access to the service, the level of details they see and whether or not history is available to the company and or individual users. You have the option of allowing customers to setup their own users or maintain absolute control over access. In either case, users only have access to information related to their companies and each users session is logged.

New Construction (Residential)
Fully integrated with other Bluegrass modules, Residential New Construction simplifies the complete process for those contactors that do work for builders. Builder Tables store billing information and lists the subdivisions for each builder. Subdivision Tables store the sales tax code and lists the models available in each subdivision. Each model has the list of materials needed along with the options available. For those contractors that pay piece rate, the piece rate is stored for each billing phase and option.  The piece pay and the hours actually worked, with zero rates, goes to payroll and the work order is available for billing. The Residential New Construction module has its own billing, which pulls information from the applicable tables.  Jobs are automatically set up and work orders are created for each billing phase. A material list is created which can be automatically turned into a picking ticket and or a purchase order.

QuickBooks Link

This feature allows users of Bluegrass Service Management to export transactions into QuickBooks by using just a few mouse clicks.  The combination of Bluegrass and Quick Books gives you the ability to have an industry specific service and dispatch system with complete customer history without having to change your accounting.  The QuickBooks link was designed for smaller service companies that would like to benefit from the state of the art service and dispatch features of Bluegrass Service Management and continue to maintain financial data in QuickBooks. Using the QuickBooks link will eliminate double entry.

Project Manager
Combines standard Bluegrass Job Cost access with a set of document tracking databases designed to provide project managers with a central point of control for their jobs. Managers have access to Job Inquiry, Purchase Orders, Permits & Inspects, Requisitions, Submittals and O&Ms. Document databases include: Change Order Proposals, Punch List, DCVRs, Phone and Fax Messages, Job Memos, Meeting Minutes, Transmittals, Punch List, Document Receiving Log, four (4) ODBC links, and miscellaneous documents.

Vehicle & Equipment
Allows set up of preventative maintenance based on hour or mile interval, indicating next required service. Provides detail report of all repairs and preventative maintenance for a piece of equipment for any time period. This Module interfaces with all Accounting modules.

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